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Bringing Home a New Kitten

You've brought home the most adorable kitten on the planet. Now what? The American Animal Hospital Association has some tips on kitty-proofing your home, picking out the right kind of food, and suggestions on how best to socialize your new furry family member. 

Winter Care for Feral Cats

Providing stray cats shelter from the elements is never more important than during the winter. This page from Alley Cats Allies offers some easy and economical ways that you can help the feral cats in your community.

Cat and Kitten Nutrition

We all love a treat from time to time. Cats and kittens are no exception. But what is a safe snack for your feline friend and what should he avoid? Our friends at the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) explain what a healthy cat diet should look like, as well as "people foods" that cats should avoid.

Cat Grooming Tips

We all know that cats are pretty independent when it comes to keeping themselves clean. But what if they need a little assistance from their loving human? Here are some tips from the ASPCA that can help you help your cat look and feel it's best.

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