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Wish List

Caring for our rescued animals requires a great deal of time, love, money, and supplies. Donations of tangible items are always appreciated. When these items are donated it allows our monetary funding to be used in other ways such as spaying and neutering and routine veterinary care. Listed below is a “Wish List” of supplies that are always needed. 

  • Cat litter

  • Cat/Kitten food (dry and canned)

  • Dog/Puppy food (dry and canned)

  • Dog/Cat Treats

  • Dog/Cat Toys

  • Dishes (stainless steel preferred)

  • Collars (breakaway collars designed specifically for cats)

  • Dog/Puppy Collars & Leashes

  • Flea treatments

  • Beds

  • Wire crates

  • Gift cards (Walmart, Tractor Supply, Petco, Petsmart, Amazon)

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