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The Zelda Fund

On occasion, an animal may come in with a condition, illness or injury that requires immediate medical care. We have set up an emergency funds - The Zelda Fund - for just such occasions. These funds are set aside for any animal that may have medical needs above and beyond the norm. Donations to this fund will help us help many more animals in the months and years to come.

Zelda's Story

Zelda's mother, a feral cat, had Zelda and her siblings in someone's garage.  She gave birth in a box on a shelf about 4 feet from the ground.  The gentleman found Zelda laying lifeless on the garage floor when she was about 3 weeks old, while her siblings and mother moved about. She was only the size of my hand and you could see the light going out in her eyes. After a trip to see a vet and some antibiotics and fluids were given to her, I was told not to expect a recovery that it was unlikely she would ever walk or even survive. We learned about what we needed to feed her and how to help her go to the bathroom. She was offered a bottle every hour or two for a few weeks and kept on heating pads while she slept. With the help of her canine brothers and her new human family she began to hold her head up and after a few weeks she could stand and eventually walk. She would drag one of her front legs, and now has a slight limp but otherwise is doing great!! Zelda has shown us just how much of a difference we can make in the lives of others, and continues to thank us daily by showering us with love!

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