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Seniors for Seniors

because love is ageless
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Studies show that just 15 minutes bonding with an animal sets off a chemical chain reaction in the brain, lowering levels of the fight-or-flight hormone cortisol and increasing production of the feel-good hormone serotonin. The result: heart rate, blood pressure and stress levels immediately drop. 

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One of the greatest health and social challenges for older adults is loneliness and one of the biggest challenges for older rescue animals is finding a loving home.

Older adults who are up to daily pet care tasks and can afford veterinary care stand to benefit greatly from having a dog or a cat in their lives. Time spent with pets can lower stress and ease loneliness.

An ideal companion is one that doesn’t raise its owner’s stress levels or wear them out. That means a senior companion is usually a wiser choice for older adopters. 


Researchers have found that regular walks strengthen the bond between dogs and their owners. Taking a pet on a walk can provide good exercise and help humans and their pets stay connected to their neighborhood. But for those with mobility challenges, a cat might be a better choice.

When it comes to adult cats they are usually more mellow, require less supervision and are quiet, loving companions. For the abandoned, forgotten and heartbroken adult cat, you might be their last chance to have the love and warmth of a home.

Our Seniors for Senior program will allow 20% to 50% off our usual adoption fees for people 65 and older when adopting a pet 10 years or older.

Adopt a senior pet today!

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